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  • Shortcodes

    Experiencing some display problems with the shortcodes. This could happen if you copy/paste the shortcode from the documentation, it’s possible that you could paste some HTML code from the documentation page (like a pre tag). You could switch your editor to text and see if there are some other tags except the shortcode. Alternatively you could insert shortcodes by hand.

  • Comments support

    If you’re not sending sensitive data (user/pass login, URL, etc), I’d rather you post your questions through the product’s page comments. That way other people interested in the same topic could follow the conversation. Thank you!

  • TweenMax conflict

    Update: Recently one of the buyers found a solution to this problem. The WP Remove CSS-JS ( plugin seems to remove duplicate libraries, therefore there is a big chance to be able to use all plugins that load different versions of TweenMax.

    TweenMax is a popular javascript animation library, actually I believe it’s the most advanced animation engine out there. Many themes and plugins use this library (including my plugins).

    The problem is that the people from TweenMax release new versions pretty often and many themes and plugins don’t update with the latest version of TweenMax. This could cause conflicts between plugins that use different versions of TweenMax. You can find out more by reading first section “Debug tips”.

  • jQuery conflict

    Some themes and plugins load a custom version of jQuery. According to WordPress coding standards, this is forbidden. WordPress comes with it’s own version of jQuery, a plugin or theme should only tell WordPress to load jQuery (this way WP will load it’s own version of jQuery which will be used by all plugins and the theme).

    What does it mean:

    Plugins and themes are not allowed to load a custom version of jQuery (it should tell WordPress to load it’s own version), if not newer versions of WordPress come with newer versions of jQuery which will conflict with the old one (assuming an old version of jQuery is (forced) loaded by a theme or a plugin).

    What to do?

    Reference about how scripts should be loaded in WP can be found here.

    1. Search your functions.php for the code that loads a bad version of jQuery and remove it (it should look like : wp_enqueue_script(‘custom/path/to/script’); )

    2. Replace the old code with something like this .

    Note! If a plugin loads an older version of jQuery, it’s a bit more tricky since it could be harder to find where the code is located. Make sure you followed “Debug tips” section.

  • Debug tips

    Different problems could be caused by other plugins or the theme itself. In order to get an idea about a certain problem you could:

    1. Visit your website using Google Crome browser.

    2. Right click anywhere on the page, than > Inspect Element, then > choose “Console” tab from the the console panel.

    3.  Anything that is highlighted in red is probably a JavaScript Error, hover over the script and you can see the script location (therefore you can identify the plugin that might be responsible for that error) @see screen shot

  • Refund policy

    Most SakuraPlugins sales go smoothly, but if there’s a problem with a purchase, I do offer a 30 days Money Back Guarantee for all products sold through this website.

    Regarding items sold through Envato Marketplace: Envato does not always offer refunds, however, if the product does not work as advertised, I will personally refund you. In order to ask for a refund please log in to your Envato account and contact me through the form on my profile page (bottom – right). Make sure you include your PayPal email address and maybe the reason a product might not work for you.

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